The Big 25

2021 Palm Beach County Mounted Posse Show Rules


  1. RIDERS, OWNERS, TRAINERS MUST BE MEMBERS OF PBCMP. Riders 18U need signature of parent or guardian. Membership runs January 1, 2021–December 31, 2021
  2. Riders age to be determined as of January 1, 2021, those 18U will provide proof of birth certificate or drivers license.
  3. CURRENT NEGATIVE COGGINS must be provided at FIRST show and new coggins provided if renewed during show year. Horse name must remain the same for show year. Changing horse name may result in loss of points.
  4. All members will be given a back number which must be worn at all times on Show Grounds. There is a $2.00 fee for replacement numbers.
  5. NO ENTRY FEE REFUNDED. Injury or illness, credits will be given. Classes cancelled by Show Mgmt., entry fees will be refunded.
  6. Show Attire: Hunter – Jacket, long pants, boots. Jumper – Polo shirt, long pants, boots. Pleasure – Long sleeve Western shirt/jacket, long pants, boots; English jacket, long pants, boots. Hunter In Hand- Polo shirt, khaki pants, boots. Warm ups – Long pants, boots. No tank tops. PBCMP strongly recommends use of ASTM/SEI approved helmet with strap for all riders and follow USEF, AQHA helmet guidelines. Helmets are REQUIRED for anyone in ring with jumps. Those leading Lead Line or W-Off Lead riders must be 16 & over, helmet required.
  8. Discourtesy and/or unsportsmanlike conduct towards a Judge, Show Official, Rider or Trainer on the part of any Rider, Trainer, groom, owner or guest at any PBCMP sponsored event will immediately disqualify any and all horses associated with said party. All entry fees forfeited. Suspension and/or membership revocation may also result from these actions.
  9. DAILY AWARDS: 1st through 6th place ribbons. Trophy or gift certificate for 1st place if more than 3 riders in class. Food ticket ($.50) available in place of ribbon. Division Grand & Reserve Ribbons in Pleasure Halter and Hunter Rings, rider/horse combination must ride all classes in Division to be eligible. Computing Points, places will count as follows:
    1st place – 6 Points; 2nd place – 5 Points; 3rd place – 4 Points;
    4th place – 3 Points; 5th place – 2 Points; 6th place – 1 Point
    Less than six (6) places in class, the winner will receive one (1) point for each horse in the class and lower placing will receive 1 point less than the horses placing above it. Must show and be judged 5 out of 8 shows H/J, Pleasure and Dressage; 7 out of 10 for Barrels for Year End Awards.
  10. YEAR END AWARDS: Division Grand & Reserve and Class Grand & Reserve ribbons through 6th place. Class awards chosen by riders. Tie Breaker (listed in order): Greatest # of 1st’s, greatest # of shows. If less than 3 riders in a Division, then award amount will be half. Points are rider responsibility. January–June point disputes will end 6/30/21. September–November disputes end 12/15/21.
  11. In the case of loss of horse before 5th show, death and/or injury, rider may show a different horse if approved by Show Management, on a case to case basis. Vet Letter required. Only one (1) substitution per year. Points in Pleasure Classes on Horse/Rider combination. Points due not carry over to new horse in that class only. Equitation Classes allowed to ride different horses without loss of points.
  12. Classes combined or deleted at the discretion of the show committee. Classes will be split with 12 or more riders. Classes may be split to prevent ring conflicts (H/J Show & Pleasure Shows.)
  13. Added Classes MUST BE DONE IN THE SHOW OFFICE, NOT AT RING, and before Exhibitor enters ring. Ring will not be held. If you scratch a class at the ring class cards must be brought back to Show Office for credit.
  14. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR DRUGS OF ANY KIND will be allowed on the show grounds at any time. Offenders will be asked to leave and riding FEES WILL BE FORFEITED.
  15. DOGS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES. Please keep dogs away from rings. NO dogs in stalls.
  16. EXHIBITORS MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO HANDLE A STALLION OF ANY AGE OR SIZE ON THE GROUNDS. Owners of stallions must maintain their animal in a manner that is safe to spectators and exhibitors. ALL HORSES must be under control at all times.
  17. A Show Director or Board Member may disqualify any horse or rider for safety or cruelty reasons. NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED.
  18. NO UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS in announcer’s booth, ring, gates or holding areas. Holding areas may have one (1) trainer, parent, and/or helper per rider. DO NOT DISTURB ANNOUNCERS WITH QUESTIONS UNLESS DURING A DRAG, RING CHANGEOVER OR ON A BREAK.
  19. Horses must be ridden only in designated practice rings. WALK ONLY throughout park to and from rings and barn area. Racing along driveways, sidewalks, among trailers or spectators IS PROHIBITED. DO NOT ENTER barns on horseback. Horses must be securely tethered at all times in proper places. NO HORSES ALLOWED at the announcer’s booth, concession stand, picnic area, tied to trees, ring fences or roped off areas. No riding double, bareback or in halter. Use of cell phones or IPods while on horseback, schooling or riding in ring is PROHIBITED!
  20. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) Check Recipients: YOU MUST CONTACT PBCMP ASAP UPON RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION, we will NOT look to notify you. If PBCMP not notified you will no longer be allowed to pay Show Fees by check. There is a $35 fee for NSF Checks.
  21. JIM BRANDON EQUESTRIAN CENTER REQUIRES NIGHT WATCH FOR OVERNIGHT STAYS AT THE BARNS. Night Watch personnel will collect this fee ($5) during move-in. PBCMP will not chase non-payers, you will no longer be able to rent stalls for that season. Night Watch operates as a separate entity from PBCMP.
  22. Golf cart operators must have VALID Driver’s license. No more than designated number of passengers allowed on carts.
  23. COMPLAINTS re enforcement of rules must be submitted in writing to a Director with a $20 deposit. The Show Committee will meet within 48 hours to discuss the complaint. Violators will receive 1 warning then loss of Golf Cart rights for Season. If complaint found valid, the $20 deposit will be refunded. If complaint found to be invalid, the money will be retained.
  24. Palm Beach County Mounted Posse, Inc., its agents, employees, or officials will not be held responsible for any accident, loss, injury, or damage which may occur to or be suffered by an exhibitor, trainer, owner, groom, spectator, or attendant, nor to animals or equipment at the show, nor will they be held responsible for any lost, stolen or destroyed articles, whether or not such damage, injury or loss, is a result of negligence on the part of the Palm Beach County Mounted Posse, Inc., its agents, employees or officials