Award Descriptions

We would like to sincerely thank you, the exhibitors, for your continued support and for choosing PBCMP in your 2019 show plans.We look forward to seeing you at the shows in 2020.!
Winning awards is great, but you can’t forget one of the best parts of riding – spending time with your horse and all the fun! PBCMP salutes the hard work of each of our champions in their respective breed or discipline. From the grassroots to the national level, the PBCMP is proud to celebrate every award recipient.
Below are the awards and their descriptions.Items shown may not be the vendor we choose this year but give you an idea of what you're ordering.
Adding 2 new Award Choices not on the mailed Forms. If you'd like to change a choice to one of these email,
Sincerely,The PBCMP Horse Show Team.